Book of Possibilities

with Marí Emily Bohley and Birgit Nass
Talent, knowledge, skills, inspiration and implementation
Four days in Holland, 21 to 24 of March 2019
Places available!

Handwriting, colors, papers and collages have great creative potential. Based on the Italic script we develop calligraphic handwriting, design collages with different paper and experiment with color mixtures. In our Book of Possibilities we collect our ideas and inspirations. The flexible rubber binding allows us to take out the pages and continue working on them or exchange them.

Materials: existing writing tools (like nibs, brushes, balsa wood, automatic pens, etc.), writing fluid (ink, air brush colors, gouache paints), paper (like drawing paper, colored Ingres papers), for mixing colors (color palette, small containers, brushes), collage material (watercolor cardboard and thin papers), existing bookbinding tools (scissors, cutter, steel ruler, cutting mat, bone folder, etc.) The most important materials are also provided by us or offered for sale, but to have a greater choice or for your individual preferences please bring your own materials.

Date: 21 to 24 of March 2019
Time: Thursday 10 to 18, Friday & Saturday 10.30 to 18.30, Sunday 10 to 15
Place: Dorpshuis ’t Trefpunt, Schooldwarsweg 19, 3711BM Austerlitz, Netherlands
Students: Max. 18
Fees: 290 Euro (course fee incl. basic material)


Birgit Nass Graphic designer, lives as a freelance artist in Brietlingen near Lüneburg, Germany.