How it all started...

with Marí Emily Bohley and Torsten Kolle
Prehistoric writing forms and palm leaf books
Four days near Meissen, 26th to 29th April 2018
Free places available!

The course works with alphabets that have evolved from prehistoric to Phoenician characters. These letters have a clear, organically designed language and are characterized by interesting positive-negative spaces. In various exercises we use the variety of forms for contemporary text design and let ourselves be inspired to experiment calligraphically, which we then put together to create a palm leaf book. Palm leaves were the most important material used for writing in Southeast Asia for centuries. The extreme horizontal format of the manuscripts emerged from the shape of the leaves; the individual pages were tied with string and held together as a bundle. We make our "palm leaves" from our own collages and then turn them into a "palm leaf book" bound with wooden boards.

Materials: Calligraphy: personal writing tools (e.g. automatic pen, ruling pen, broad nibs and Redis nibs in several sizes, balsa wood) various writing fluids (ink and acrylic colors, gouache), flat brush (about 5-10 cm wide), exercise paper, pencils, ruler, eraser etc. Collages: thin colored papers (e.g. thin papers, joss papers, copies, old book pages), watercolor papers (about 50x70cm, 400g/m), a board slightly larger than the papers to stretch, wet adhesive tape, wide brushes & matching water containers Bookbinding: cutter, cutting mat, steel ruler, scissors, set square, folding bone, awl, drill

The tools and materials will be available in the course or are offered for sale, but please bring along what you have and like to work with in order to avoid waiting times.

Torsten Kolle Graphic designer, lives as freelance calligrapher and designer in Braunschweig.

Date: 26th to 29th April 2018
Time: Thursday from 3pm to Sunday 3pm
Place: Gut Frohberg Seminar Center, Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal
Students: max. 20
Fees: 350 € (course fee) to be paid before the start of the course
180 € (full board in double room) | 210 € (full board in single room)
payable to the Seminar Center upon arrival. Accommodation prices
are subject to change.