Book of Words in July

with Massimo Polello, Marí Emily Bohley, Birgit Nass
Make a book with three different teachers
Five days in Lauenburg, 27 July to 31 July 2019
Places avaiable!

Because we love working together so much and had such wonderful time in Tuscany, we decided to offer this course in Germany again. The result of this course will be a book which will be based on three different words – past, future and present. Each word will be illustrated in one section which then will be bound in a book with elastic bands. The binding will also allow us to change out the pages at any time. The topics will be expressed with different coloring techniques, rusting and gilding. Various writing styles will be offered to transform the chosen words according to their meanings and show the different ideas of the text. Please bring a text for the words (past, future and present) which has special meaning to you. We will bring all the basic materials and tools for making the book. Please bring your personal calligraphy tools and if possible writing fluid. We will offer the same course twice in a row because there are so many people interested.


Birgit Naß Graphic designer, lives as a freelance artist in Brietlingen, Germany.
Massimo Polello Graphic designer, lives as a freelance artist in Turin, Italy.

Workshop venue: We will stay in a youth hostel and we‘ll need a membership for that. If you have, please bring your membership card or become a member at the venue.

Date: 27 July to 31 July 2019
Time: Sat from 3pm to Wed 12am
Place: JH Lauenburg, Zündholzfabrik, Elbstr.2, 21481 Lauenburg, Germany
Students: max. 30 people (The students will be divided in two groups and the
teachers rotate and they will teach all groups the same amount of time.)
Fees: 390 Euro (course fee, incl. basic material) to be paid before course starts
243 Euro (full board in double room)
296 Euro (full board in single room) to be paid at the venue.
Prices of the house - subject to change!